Our mission is to help your B2B high-tech service business grow.  We do it by collecting and analyzing feedback from your customers and prospects and your organization. This insight is used to help you commercialize differentiated services that create meaningful value, long-term growth, and customer loyalty. This is both our business and our passion.  

  • You have questions and your customers and employees have most of the answers, so we focus on listening to them.

  • You need insight, so we analyze your customer's and employee's comments and present them to you in a way that is actionable.

  • Your concerns are focused on retaining customers and employees and growing your top and bottom lines, so we coach the service and support organization to achieve your objectives.

We concentrate our services in three areas:


  • Strategy
  • Value Added differentiation
  • Service contract design & value pricing

Customer Experience

  • Surveys
  • Insight
  • Trust
  • Complexity
  • Brand


  • Retention and Recurring Revenue
  • Loyalty & Customer Referrals

If you are ready to grow your services revenue and add value for your customers then please contact us at 508.877.1924 or sam@middlesesconsulting.com .

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